Brief Project description

NESESER (Newly established Start-up Enterprise SERvices) is a project designed to encourage cross-border joint economic potential for (self)employment through the improvement of the entrepreneurial environment for young people and start-ups, ideally owned by women. The Project is implemented within the framework of the IPA program Cross-border cooperation Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020.

The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Sector for contracting and financing programs from the European Union (CFCU).

Project aims to:

  1. Improve the capacity of state representatives and business associations for the development of the business environment;
  2. Conduct an analysis of the current state and economic potential of Brčko District and City of Loznica;
  3. Create business plans for business-entrepreneurial centers;
  4. Develop and establish of web support for connecting business-entrepreneurial centers in the cross-border region and the European Union;
  5. Promote cross-border projects and advocacy for further expansion of the services of the business-entrepreneurial center.


Project coordinator: Development – Guarantee Fund of Brčko District (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Partner 1: City of Loznica (Republic of Serbia)

Partner 2: Institute for Development and Innovation — IRI (Republic of Serbia)


The Development – Guarantee Fund of the Brčko District of BiH – Project Implementation Unit as a leading partner has the role and responsibility for providing managerial, conceptual, legal, technical and organizational support for the successful implementation of the Project. Project approach has been defined on the basis of PESTLE and SWOT analysis, which ensures long-term sustainability at the level of the outcome of the action. The City of Loznica is the main partner on the Republic of Serbia side of the border. With their strong capacity in working with young people and issues of economic development, the Project partners decided that the role and responsibility will be the dedication of the members of the professional team and the provision of operational support in the implementation of all project activities and procedures.

The Institute for Development and Innovation – IRI, as the second co-applicant, is a long-term partner of the first co-applicant from Loznica in providing expert services for local economic development and analysis of the business environment and work with youth. In addition, the strategic commitment of the City of Loznica is to continue strengthening the partnership with the civil society sector. The main role of IRI is to support the Project in expert analyzes and consultation of the Project team.


Brčko District of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

City of Loznica (Republic of Serbia)


Contract number: 48-00-162/2021-28-5

Duration of the project

Start date: 01.02.2023.

End date: 31.7.2024.